Chas helping to keep us safe from COVID-19 in Victoria.








Beautiful sisters, Charli, Chloe and Kelsey were meant to perform in Atilla with Opera Australia.  Sadly due to the COVID-19 crisis, the show was cancelled. 







The Secret Garden

Our stunningly talented Charlotte was to play the lead role of Mary Lennox in both the Sydney and Melbourne season of The Secret Garden.  Sadly due to the COVID-19 crisis, the show has been cancelled.








This amazing campaign saw real life people realising the value of their site. Pina was beautiful.


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How To Stay Married

William was fabulous in his first TV role on How To Stay Married!








Phoebe and Matilda in this gorgeous campaign for Baptcare.







True Story With Hamish and Andy

Massimo and Mikah were fabulous in True Story.