How many people do you represent?

We are a boutique agency that has around 80 people (children and adults) on our books. We intentionally keep our numbers low so we can maintain personal representation and knowledge of our performers’ skills and strengths.



How can I join your agency?

To join our agency you will need to fill in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. We will then arrange an interview and discuss if there is an opportunity to sign up. This process is the same for adults and children.



Do you charge fees?

Yes. Simply because there are hard costs for us to pay, eg: to the photographer. Children will incur a membership fee that is charged annually. Your membership includes your professional photoshoot and registration on the international casting tools we utilise.


Adults can provide their own headshots and will then only be charged for the registration to the online casting sites. We can arrange adult photoshoots for an additional fee should this be required.


We keep our fees as low as possible. We earn our money through the commission you earn on jobs.



What Commissions do you charge?

We charge between 10% - 15% of what you are paid for a job.



Will I be guaranteed work?

No. We are actors agents and cannot guarantee you will get work. There is a myriad of reasons as to why someone will be cast and this decision is not in our control. We will submit you for any roles we believe you are appropriate for.